stakefish in 2020

It’s been a pivotal year for us here at stakefish! Looking back at this incredible year, we wanted to share some of our highlights.

stakefish in 2020

It’s been a pivotal year for us here at stakefish! Looking back at this incredible year, we wanted to share some of our highlights.

Network expansion

We started 2020 off with 8 live networks. Now, we support 14 live networks, with another 2 close to launching in the next few weeks. It feels great seeing the hard work of many protocol teams come to fruition through their launches. We’ve been excited to support all these protocols from their testnets to their mainnets.

Across all of our networks, we are now helping stake more than $200M worth of assets. We want to thank all of our community members and partners for choosing our validators. We’ll keep working hard to harden our infrastructure and expand our current pipeline of projects.

Ethereum 2.0 staking platform launch

Ethereum has been a critical part of the blockchain ecosystem since its inception. It has seen a record number of transactions, especially with DeFi applications starting to gain traction. We wanted to make sure we supported Ethereum 2.0’s rollout and started to develop a staking platform that would help anyone stake ETH. During our development, we open sourced our Batch Deposit Contract, a critical component of our staking platform.

Within 24 hours of opening our platform, stakers used it to spin up more than 1,500 validators, translating to more than 48,000 ETH staked through our service. Usage has consistently increased during the past month: We now run around 4,500 validators for our users, helping them stake more than 144,000 ETH.

Hacking and ecosystem contributions

As part of Cosmos’ incentivized testnet, Game of Zones, we delivered a fun idea called the Tamagotchi Zone where users can take care of their own Tamagotchis using IBC. We received the Most Creative Zone and Most Packets Sent awards. We spent some time shipping something that mainstream users might find interesting as well. We’ve written detailed posts on the technical work and design efforts that went into this zone.

Our grantfish validator has also been consistently delivering valuable grant money to small new projects contributing to the Cosmos ecosystem. Specifically, we welcomed our second cohort of grantees: Chainapsis and CosmWasm. Tendermint has also started to delegate 425,000 ATOM to grantfish, allowing the grant amounts to start making a significant impact.

Expanding our community

We have been consistently expanding our efforts to provide educational content to our community as well as the communities of the protocols we support. In 2020 alone, we created 45 posts and uploaded 37 videos. Our popular videos have reached a total of 35,000 views.

Our top video with 5,500 views

We have also been consistently adding support for new languages. We believe inclusivity is critical for our industry. Anyone from anywhere around the world should be able to learn more about staking and be able to participate in it. We now support 16 different languages on our website and will keep expanding this number.

Obviously, 2020 has not been a great year for physical conferences or events. Regardless, we have tried to reach out to the community through online events. Most notably, we were a sponsor for Liquidity2020, an event for discussing the latest developments in Ethereum and DeFi organized by Dystopia Labs. Additionally, we hosted the Eth 2.0 Genesis Block Party to celebrate the beginning of the Beacon Chain.

Team expansion

We are in a perpetual search for talented individuals deeply interested in this space. We have been fortunate to have come across many talented candidates who we know can create a positive impact on our ecosystem. We had eight new employees join us this year. We are planning to maintain and accelerate our pace of hiring in 2021, so if you are interested in joining us or know anyone who may be a good fit, please apply to any of our open positions.

In conclusion

We have finally built up the launchpad throughout this year. We still have a few finishing touches to make, but closely after, we’ll be busy building up the actual rocket itself. We can’t wait for 2021 and to showcase more exciting products to the ecosystem.

About stakefish

stakefish is the leading validator for Proof of Stake blockchains. With support for 10+ networks, our mission is to secure and contribute to this exciting new ecosystem while enabling our users to stake with confidence. Because our nodes and our team are globally distributed, we are able to maintain 24-hour coverage.