stakefish Announces Support for Protocol Staking on Archway

stakefish Announces Support for Protocol Staking on Archway

Archway Mainnet is live!

We are excited to announce our support for Archway, a Layer-1 blockchain platform that prioritizes the role of developers. Our commitment to the Cosmos developer tooling ecosystem aligns perfectly with Archway’s vision, which seeks to provide the infrastructure necessary for innovative dApp creation. We are proud to be part of this journey with Archway as a Mainnet validator, contributing to an incentivized smart contract platform that promotes dApp developers as essential contributors to the blockchain ecosystem.

stakefish has always been an early and enthusiastic supporter of the developer tooling ecosystem of Cosmos– from the smart contract tooling suites (CosmWasm) to generalized wallet software (Keplr; Chainapsis). The features of cross-chain dApps in the Cosmos ecosystem, greater decentralization, and developer accessibility are key to the fundamental building blocks of a growing platform.

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Archway: The Launchpad to Cosmos Offering Incentives and Boosting Innovation for Dapp Developers

As the landscape of Layer-1 (L1) base-layer blockchains continues to evolve, developers are seeking foundational infrastructures that provide not only a solid foundation for decentralized applications (dapps) but also enhance composability across applications. Stepping up to fulfill these demands is Archway, an innovative L1 smart contract platform aimed at redefining the space for developers in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Designed as a baseplate for innovation, Archway stands out for its unique ability to reward developers proportionally for the value they bring to the network. By directly incentivizing developers, Archway deviates from the traditional "fat protocols, skinny dapps" model of most L1s, aiming to create a healthier, more symbiotic ecosystem where both the network and dapps can flourish.

Empowering Developers with Archway

Archway aims to provide developers with all the tools necessary to create innovative dapps, starting with Area-52, an interactive learning platform. Here, both new and existing developers from various ecosystems are introduced to the art of building dapps using CosmWasm, creating different types of Rust smart contracts, and more. The online communities of Archway and Area-52 foster a conducive environment for teams to form, innovate, and support one another.

Deploying a dapp on Archway is a straightforward process, thanks to Archway's comprehensive documentation and supporting tools. The platform’s Command Line Interface (CLI) streamlines the process of scaffolding and deploying dapps, and a dedicated community of technical contributors is always at hand to offer assistance to developers.

Incentivizing Dapp Development with On-Chain Protocol Rewards

Incentivizing Dapp Development with On-Chain Protocol Rewards: Gas Rebates, Inflation, Premiums
Source: What sets Archway apart?

Archway has introduced a rewarding system where 100% on-chain protocol rewards are distributed to developers proportionally based on the utilization of their smart contracts. This means that the more a dapp is used, the higher its rewards. Developers can immediately start earning rewards upon deploying their dapps.

Developers can earn three rewards on Archway: gas rebates, inflation, and premiums. Gas fees collected on Archway are equally split between validators and developers, allowing smart contracts to get a 50% rebate on gas paid. Furthermore, 25% of the inflation of Arch tokens, which increases between 7-20% annually depending on the amount of tokens staked, goes to developers in relation to the gas fees generated by their smart contracts. Smart contract creators also have the flexibility to configure a premium into their contracts, providing users with a frictionless experience.

Archway: An Innovation Driver

Archway's programmatic rewards give developers a significant stake in on-chain governance, enabling them to provide users with a better experience by lowering network fees, incentivizing participation, subsidizing certain transactions, and more. The endless rewards possibilities empower developers to think out of the box and build sustainable protocols.

An NFT platform, for example, could use Arch token rewards to subsidize gas fees for every user’s first NFT mint, creating a more accessible experience for mainstream users. A decentralized exchange (DEX) could eliminate liquidity provision fees and use Arch rewards to incentivize liquidity providers. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) could utilize their rewards to boost governance participation, thereby increasing efficiency.

Archway: An Innovation Driver
Source: What sets Archway apart?

Archway and the L1 Landscape in Cosmos

In the existing L1 landscape in Cosmos, various L1s are providing different functionalities. With Archway, developers can benefit from rewards, build on a developer-first network, and leverage the modules of other L1s, thanks to CosmWasm’s support for multichain smart contracts. This not only simplifies the process of building and scaling projects sustainably but also puts the power back in developers' hands.

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About Archway

Archway is a smart contract platform designed to reward developers for their contributions. It facilitates the creation of scalable cross-chain dApps that can reach as many users and assets as possible, aiming to put developers first. To learn more about Archway, visit

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