[PoS Round-Up] The Graph launches, Cosmos IBC release candidate announced

The Graph is live, IBC is one step closer to becoming a reality, and Ethereum 2.0 is running smoothly.

[PoS Round-Up] The Graph launches, Cosmos IBC release candidate announced

[PoS Round-Up] The Graph launches, Cosmos announces IBC release candidate


Ethereum 2.0 is up and running smoothly, with no major incidents since launch and more than $1B in ether staked.

The Graph

The Graph mainnet is officially live! In the team’s own words, The Graph “allows developers to easily search, find, publish and use the public data they need to build decentralized applications, without needing to rely on centralized servers and proprietary infrastructure.”

We are early supporters of The Graph and are excited to see how the network streamlines the developer experience for Ethereum “buidl”ers.


The Cosmos Network team has announced the IBC 1.0 implementation release candidate! With testnets being coordinated and the Stargate bug bounty program up and running, this brings us closer than ever to mainnet Inter-Blockchain Communication.

In case you missed it, replays from Cosmos conference Interchain Conversations II are now available.


Solana has announced a partnership with decentralized storage protocol The Arweave Project to build a “SOLAR Bridge” between the two networks in lieu of rolling their own storage layer.


We published a dedicated page for comparing Ethereum 2.0 staking service providers.

We recently hosted a panel on the state of staking, covering topics like staking basics, how staking can enable mass adoption, and a lot more.

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