Ebay buys NFT marketplace, Solana mobile phone, Coinbase supports Polygon & Solana

PoS Round-Up is our focused biweekly report on the major news in and around the Proof of Stake ecosystem.

Ebay buys NFT marketplace, Solana mobile phone, Coinbase supports Polygon & Solana

PoS Round-Up is our focused biweekly report on the major news in and around the Proof of Stake ecosystem.


E-commerce giant, Ebay, acquired the NFT marketplace, Known Origin; “a perfect addition to our community of sellers and buyers” said Ebay CEO Jamie Iannone. Known Origin expects the partnership will help attract a new wave of NFT creators and collectors to their platform.


Uniswap announced it is acquiring the Ethereum NFT aggregation platform, Genie, which allows users to purchase multiple NFTs in a single transaction and traders to see listings on rival marketplaces.



Solana announced it will launch a new Web3 mobile phone, called Saga. Users will be able to download Web3 dApps, including NFT marketplaces, and developers would leverage the phone’s hardware security measures and tools to publish their own products.



Coinbase has added support for on-chain transactions on Polygon and Solana. Over the next month, eligible customers will be able to send and receive ETH, MATIC, and USDC on Polygon, as well as USDC on Solana. The exchange plans to add more networks over time.


The Sandbox has unveiled a bridge that enables users to transfer their virtual NFT LAND and native SAND tokens from Ethereum to Polygon.

The Sandbox

Polygon has donated $100,000 to Gitcoin Grants Round 14, to support new projects built on its network. Polygon’s core team has also pledged $1 million to Gitcoin over five quarterly grants until December 2022, in an effort to help and encourage the growth of Web3.



The Vasil hard fork successfully launched on Cardano’s testnet. Once completed on the mainnet, the Vasil hard fork will allow faster block creation and greater scalability for DApps running on Cardano.



Polkadot announced a new on-chain governance model, Gov2, which aims to improve inclusivity and decentralization while increasing the number of decisions Polkadot governance is able to make.


Totem, a peer-to-peer accounting consensus protocol, won Polkadot’s latest parachain auction.

Amplitud, the canary network to Pendulum, won Kusama’s latest parachain auction.


Integritee, a scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data, is now connected with Moonriver via XCM. Its XC-20 token, xcTEER, is now available on the Moonriver network.



The next HackATOM, the hackathon competition that features challenges, amazing workshops and building in Cosmos, will be happening in Seoul, South Korea, July 29 to 31. This will be the first in-person hackathon for Cosmos since 2019.


Leading decentralized exchange (DEX), dYdX, will launch its new version, dYdX V4, as a stand-alone Cosmos-based blockchain. The new dYdX Chain aims to leverage the unique combination of decentralization, scalability and customizability that Cosmos offers.



Osmosis will integrate with Kado, a building payments infrastructure for Web3, to bring a direct fiat on-ramp to its DEX. With Kado, customers will be able to use their bank account or cards to buy axUSDC or OSMO in a single transaction.



Inter Chain Accounts (ICA), a function in the Cosmos ecosystem that allows users to give permission to an application running on one blockchain to perform an action on another, is coming to Juno through its Multiverse upgrade.


Fanfury, a decentralized daily fantasy sports platform originally built on Terra, has decided to migrate to the Juno network. Juno having some of the best developers from across Cosmos to aid smart contracts and its architectural similarity to Terra were among the reasons for the move.



Tezos launches Jakarta 2, its 10th protocol update. The original Jakarta protocol was found to have two critical bugs, which were affecting the implementation of the experimental Transaction Optimistic Rollups, or TORUs feature. Both bugs have been fixed in Jakarta 2.



Cryptoys, an NFT startup focused on digital toys and built on Flow, has raised $23 million in a latest funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The startup’s goal is to build a blockchain-based toy company that can expose younger users to the ideas of digital ownership and NFT mechanics.


Band Protocol

CLV, a specialized Layer 1 chain built on Polkadot that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable, partnered with Band Protocol to bring secure and accurate data feeds to its infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.



Juno governance proposal #28: Juno Multiverse Upgrade, recently passed. The upgrade will allow for Inter Chain Accounts (ICA) functionality on Juno.

Kava governance proposal #90: to issue payouts to the winners of the Kava 10 Launch $250K Giveaway, is currently accepting votes. Voting ends on July 6th.

Edgeware joint funding proposal for Pallet_Supersig(Referendum #86) by Decentration and Web3 foundation, recently passed.

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