Polygon's next chapter for Ethereum. Here's what's happening.

Circle increase USDC’s native availability, ETH post-Merge update, Cosmos Q3 report

Polygon's next chapter for Ethereum. Here's what's happening.

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Here's what we have in store for the fishfam today:

  • Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet
  • Circle increases USDC’s native availability from 8 ecosystems to 13
  • Ethereum's post-Merge update
  • Cosmos Q3 report
  • Quick bites in the world of PoS
  • 5 Good reads
  • Meme of the Week

Let's dive in.

Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet 💜

Polygon announces their zkEVM public Testnet as the world’s first open-source zkEVM network.

Polygon’s zkEVM aims to provide an EVM-equivalent layer 2 ZK rollup, be an open-source zk prover, reduce transaction costs with the inherited security of Ethereum, and be compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, dev tools, and the ecosystem.

Aave, Uniswap, web3 social platform Lens Protocol, and gaming studio 12am will be among the first to join the testnet.

The Circle is growing 🔵

Circle, the issuer of USDC, announced at Converge22 in San Francisco the intent for USDC to be natively available on Arbitrum, Near Protocol, Optimism, and Polkadot by the end of 2022 and Cosmos in early 2023.

The addition of USDC in these ecosystems makes it even easier for developers to build new apps for users to send, spend, and exchange money around the globe.

Joao Reginatto, VP of Product at Circle says, ““The multi-chain expansion is intended to increase USDC’s native availability from eight ecosystems to thirteen, and enables blockchain developers building on USDC and their users to experience greater liquidity and interoperability within the crypto economy.”

What's going on post-Merge? 🐼

Tim Beiko from the Ethereum Foundation released The 13th AllCoreDevs Update.

This post includes highlights and updates celebrating Ethereum's merge in a quasi-flawless fashion, AllCoreDevs and CL calls are on pause for a few more weeks with conversations about Shanghai candidate EIPs happening on Ethereum Magicians and IRL. Calls resume on October 27.

Kiln has been shut down with Rinkeby and Ropsten’s sunset dates on the horizon and infrastructure providers starting deprecations.

Things look good in the Cosmos ⚛️

Cosmos Daily released its Cosmos Ecosystem Q3 2022 Quarterly Report.

Highlights over the last quarter in the Cosmos ecosystem include welcoming dydx to Cosmos and the unveiling of ATOM 2.0.

Highlights for individual protocols include Kava drawing an increasing number of projects leading to TVL growth in Q3, Osmosis is the top DEX on Cosmos with $209 million TVL, the Shockwave Delta Mainnet Upgrade on Secret Network, and the growing expansion of Juno Network.

Happy birthday, Juno! 🎉

One year in the books. Juno Network upgraded its mainnet successfully to v10 on September 28 and celebrated its first birthday on October 1st.

Deva is doing the Salsa 💃

Devcon, the conference for Ethereum developers, explorers, and community members is happening in Bogota, Colombia October 11 - 14. Have fun if you are attending!

Quick bites in the world of PoS

5 Good reads 📚

Meme of the Week

That's it for this week, fishfam. See you online!

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